November 4th – A VERY important day!!
I received this wonderful Important message from one of my business associates today and felt that everyone I know needs to see/read this...

To my American and Global friends;

Wow!  It is almost upon us!  One of the most defining moments in U.S. History!  A time when ALL of us will be counted and measured!

And no, I’m not talking about the race for President.

Yes, the election is interesting and historic, but I have to say… NEVER have so many put their futures in the hands of so few.

Both candidates are making incredible promises and it sure does sound interesting in our troubled times.  But when the election is over and the race has been decided, here are some questions for you...

Starting Wednesday, November 5th…

-       Who’s going to go to work to create your family income?

-       Who’s going to pay your bills?

-       Who’s going to build your business?

-       Who’s going to pay for your children’s education?

-       Who’s going to “bail” you out if you’re upside down?

Obama?  McCain?  Or YOU?

In every life, there are defining moments.  How will you respond to this one?  Will you be glued to your TV set to watch minute-by-minute coverage, or will you take control of your future and create your own economic stimulus package?

My friends, in addition to voting for the next President of the United States tomorrow, I’m really voting for YOU to take control of your own life.  As for me, once I leave the polls, I’ll be heading to a local Business Briefing to take control of mine.

Your friend and business associate,

David L. Feinstein



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The Power Of Leadership

People are constantly asking me, David what are the key attributes of a Leader in the Network Marketing Industry. You know, what traits does one need to possess to attract people to them.

Well, I've recently been invited to contribute as an author to a book series called The Power Of Leadership. And I've written a contributing chapter called "How To Create The Leaders That Will Propel Your Network Marketing Business".

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The Truth Unveiled About New Media Marketing

So the “buzzwords” of today is all about New Media Marketing. I thought I’d give some attention today to this topic and give my viewpoints.

Wikipedia defines New Media Marketing as follows:
“New Media Marketing
is a relatively new concept utilized by businesses in developing an online community, which allows satisfied customers to congregate and extol the virtues of a particular brand. In most cases, the online community includes mechanisms such as blogs, podcasts, message boards, and product reviews, all of which contribute to a transparent forum to post praises, criticisms, questions, and suggestions.

One of the primary arguments to promote New Media Marketing is the premise that traditional advertising is losing its influence on consumers. Backed by statistical evidence demonstrating a growing trend of consumers making purchasing decisions off Internet research and referrals. These advocates strongly adhere to the notion that consumers are more inclined to believe feedback from like-minded peers than corporate marketing verbiage dispersed through traditional television, radio, direct mail, or newspaper advertising.

New Media Marketing is most effectively marketed by Internet-driven technology such as blogs,RSS,Web video productions, and podcasts.”

OK, let’s get real here…New Media, the internet, radio… frankly; any media is nothing more than a channel of communication, which is just a conduit through which content, and connection flow.

Unfortunately, many people buy into the dream of riches through “internet marketing,” or the mistaken belief that “links” and “attention” through New Media channels will automatically bring them riches. They look to turn a “channel”, into a source of money itself.

As most of you know, my wife Ann and I are professional Network Marketers and Coaches. One of the best ways to get the word out about your company and business to people is through the power of the internet. We are believers and promoters of not just using the tried and true “old methods” of Network Marketing, but know and believe strongly, that unless you learn about Marketing, you’ll be working yourself into a frenzy with chasing after friends, family and the local dry cleaner and postman.

We teach people about the science of marketing…using a System to attract people to you like a magnet. We’re all searching for people who are looking…for what we have to offer. What can be better than being in touch with the many millions of people who are searching on the internet for EXACTLY what we are promoting?

The first thing you need to understand is that success is no mystery. Success is no "secret" locked up in some cave that you will never discover. In fact...the secret to success is so simple, so 'in front of most people's faces', that they miss it completely.

What we are about to share with you makes real sense. It will resonate in your heart, and in your mind, because it's the absolute REAL information we have learned over the past 20 years...that has made us millions of dollars.

And if you take what we are about to share with you to heart...there is no way in heck you can't create as much success as we've had, if not more.

So "what's the secret", you ask?

It's actually two things. In order to build the lifestyle of your dreams, and create a walk away residual income that pays you for the rest of your life, you need to master these two things: 1. Marketing, and 2. Leadership.

That’s it my friends. And when you LEARN how to be a master marketer, able to command the exact people you need to grow a huge business right to you, You can make an absolute fortune.

When you top that off with REAL leadership, personal development, and psychological branding will be a force for success more powerful than a hurricane.

So what exactly
are we going to teach you...
Let's get something straight first ... when you follow along, and allow us to coach you, you will be introduced to the business model we are building right now...that is creating us mammoth amounts of wealth.

We're going to show you how you are at the absolute perfect timing to build a profitable business for yourself, and then how you can partner up with us to get the real marketing and leadership coaching you need to be massively successful.

But before we show you the same systems, strategies, teachings, and trainings we're using right have to understand why it's so important you partner up with people who TRULY have value to offer you...and can show you what's working in our world right now to build successful businesses.

Never have to call someone who isn’t interested in your business again and how to explode your business without having to resort to painful and unwanted cold calls. And, imagine when you do call people, half of them are excited you are even calling them. When was the last time you called a prospect and they knew who you were, why you were calling, and were impressed that they were getting the chance to talk with you?

You see, we KNOW that the essence of every successful business in the world is learning how to Market. Once you learn how to market, you can create an endless amount of resources to grow your business at will...and that is exactly what we are going to teach you how to do.

Do you know what happens when ALL your prospects get funneled through the same streamlined marketing system? It means you get a Big Fat Paycheck each and every month. That's the magic of learning how to be a real marketer...and using these cutting edge strategies we're going to show you. You can create cash flow on demand...

We fully understand that reading information is FAR different from getting that information from the horses’ mouth...

Its one thing to read about the knowledge and opportunity we have to offer's an entirely different thing for us to communicate directly. In truth, that's where the real magic happens . That's when you know whether you resonate...whether you found your teachers and guide you to real success.

The sole reason we're fact the only real reason business even to help people get what they want. So let us know how we can help you.

It's time to reach out and GO AFTER what you want in life. You can take action steps right now, that will systematically move you closer to your goals of reaching massive financial success.

You can partner up with us right now...and start getting our expert mentorship and guidance immediately.

Folks, it’s now time to separate the merely CURIOUS who are just looking, from the TRULY SERIOUS who want to be part of our Mastermind Team.
Opportunity is pounding on your door right now... ready to break it down in fact. Will you answer?

So what’s your next step? Go visit our website; and fill out the information at the bottom of the page to get started with our exclusive group and welcome to your life transformation...

Wishing you the best of success,
Ann & David
Building a Dynamic Future,
David & Ann Feinstein

The Gel Monopoly

We don't know about you but we are here to invest the next few years of our life into something, and walk away with a residual income that continues to pour in month after month whether we get out of bed or not.

So why do you think that the Wellness industry, renown economist Paul Zane Pilzer has declared that is The Most prime time piece of real estate to lay the foundations for a business in the world right now? It’s because it is the fastest growing industry in the world… right now!

In business, Timing is everything. You want to be positioned in front of major trends. You don't want to create trends…you want to be able to move in and capture a portion of exploding trends when they are happening. By positioning yourself in front of the right trends, you have the ability to set yourself up financially for life.

The wellness industry grows over $250 million dollars each and every single day. And…it's on track to be the next annual $1 trillion dollar industry by the year 2012 as Pilzer is predicting as “The Perfect Storm of Opportunity”. An unprecedented amount of growth is occurring right now, and hundreds of billions of dollars to trillions of dollars will be spent on wellness in the next 5 years alone.

Do you have a way to capture a portion of the fastest growing industry in the world? This is where you say YES. I DO.

It's called Agel Enterprises. The products are based on an amazing scientific breakthrough that has created an entirely new product category, so the market potential is way beyond enormous. Yet, it’s a simple concept that makes so much sense; that people "get” it right away. Everyone in the world will benefit from the products and just one use makes that clear to them. This will be a multi-billion-dollar product category, and this company has the first mover advantage in the marketplace.

Imagine making taking proper nutrition easy, convenient and fun.
Think about it: no glasses, no super-sized pills, no waterlogged juices, no ineffective sprays and creams-just pure, highly concentrated nutrients in an easy-to-take, readily absorbed gel pack. You simply grip, rip and sip!

The impact this technology is having globally in the market place is staggering. How many people do you think would like to throw out those awful pills and powders? How many people do you think would find it easy and convenient to just rip open a small gel pack and get their daily nutrition?

How many people out of the $100 Billion+ annual supplement industry do you think would like to know if the money they spend on supplements is a total waste or doing something to make them healthier?

We have a monopoly on the Nutritional Gel marketplace! With our first to market “Gel Suspension Technology” that is taking the world by storm! This has never happened before. .How many people out of this MASSIVE industry do you think will gravitate towards the only nutritional company in the world that provides nutrition in gel form?

You stand to make a fortune if you can recognize what is taking place here and then take action. We are here to mentor you to success and help to show you how you do this business.

We have a 100% rock solid system of building this business,that you are able to simply plug into. If you are determined and coachable, you can create the lifestyle you have always wanted for yourself. That's what this business allows.

You can ignore all this information. That's fine. Your life will stay exactly as it is now. Or you can Join Us and take ownership of your life and the direction it is heading. We would rather you join us. We love meeting and building relationships with people, and working together to achieve all our goals.

You can give us a call here:

You can investigate this Nutritional Gel Monopoly even deeper here:

The world of wellness has never seen anything like this. The good we will be able to do in the world as we simplify the daily task of enjoying nutrition has never been easier…you simply grip, rip and sip!

We will do even more good because one thing you will notice about this business is that it attracts GOOD and positive people. And as good and positive people have the wealth this opportunity creates flow to them, we will be able to do even more good throughout the world with that.

This business will change your life. Join us as we explode over the next few years and create a lifetime income from our initial efforts of being a part of the Gel Nutrition Monopoly.

Building a Dynamic Future,
David & Ann Feinstein

Agel Business Opportunity: The Hottest Opportunity Available Today!

In life opportunity is boundless. Spin around pointing your index finger and it’s nearly guaranteed that when you stop – an opportunity for something is going to be in front of you – that’s if you’re conditioned to spot that opportunity. It’s the law of abundance working in your favor all the time.

One thing however that the proponents of this law forget to mention is that not all opportunity is equal. Some opportunities trump others, plain and simple. The unfortunate part of it is that the one’s that are dominant in reward are usually the one’s that come along least.

The key to finding those is the key to finding the unique opportunities with the potential, or better yet the guarantee, to revolutionize an industry or marketplace. Even better is to find them when they’re in their infancy…sort of the clichéd “ground floor opportunity”.

In this world right now, there are a few of those opportunities available. But the other secret to finding truly great business opportunities that can make you financially independent, if not wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, is being privy to these opportunities. Depending where you are on the economic ladder some opportunities are available to you and some simply are not. That’s just the way the world is and there’s really no need to fight it.

For those who aren’t at the top of the ladder, there is an opportunity for you right now to join a revolutionary home business opportunity that is creating a fire storm and not only changing the financial lives of people who are involved in the opportunity itself, but also changing the lives of those people who are consuming the revolutionary and ground-breaking products that the company has to offer.

The company – “ Agel Enterprises”. – has become to many a great bastion of hope for those looking to join a home business opportunity, or start their own business. This is because of the potential that it has to make them wildly wealthy without the need for a business background or bucket loads of money to get started.

Beyond that, it’s the chance to be in front of a uniquely tremendous opportunity that’s turning out to be the HOTTEST opportunity on the planet as we speak, and it fits the criteria mentioned above where it’s revolutionizing – in essence – two industries and is unique in it’s marketplace, which happens to be the over $80 Billion Dollar health and wellness marketplace.

Now, if you can just imagine the fact that it’s an opportunity not reserved for the wealthiest business people who are only privy to the greatest of the great opportunities, but to the everyday person who just wants to change their lives, and obtain what they know is possible and what they deserve. It’s available to YOU, today.

“ Agel Enterprises”. is a network marketing company that’s like no other in the way that they compensate their representatives. They’ve made it so that if you’re willing to do some ground work, and be trained on precisely what to do, that no matter what your experience in the industry you can benefit and benefit handsomely both monetarily and lifestyle wise. They’ve revolutionized the compensation plan so that it takes the best of the industries top four plans, combines them, and does away with what doesn’t work. That’s innovation at the highest level and it benefits the person new to the industry as well as the more experienced.

Agel’s leadership is undeniably dynamic and industry-shattering from the corporate level to the top distributorship level. There’s really no reason why anyone cannot succeed in this business if they listen to the leaders in the company and ride the opportunity to its fullest level.

The product is not one that needs to be hard sold. In fact it’s so ground-breaking, so convenient, and beneficial to consumers that it could easily be a stand alone product that virtually sells itself. The proprietary gelceutical nutritional products make it simple for anyone to consume on the go, and is natural and full of life changing health benefits. These products are great tasting, as well as easily and quickly absorbed into the body making it a life changing product that people will want to reorder over and over again.

If you’ve been looking for that one opportunity that you can be proud of being involved with, and can likely change your financial life forever, you’ve found it with Agel…You simply have to take the next step and take action for yourself. Join now while the opportunity is still“ hot, hot, hot!”.

If you’re tired of looking and want to really take your future seriously, then checking in with Ann and David Feinstein about the home business opportunity that they have partnered up with may be the best move you could possibly make right this minute. Building Dynamic .

Have you Given Up Hope or Are you Ready to Succeed?

Everyday people around the world wake up in agony for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons in many societies is the fact that life a person’s life hasn’t gone as planned. A person who’s realized that they haven’t fulfilled their dreams is very often easy to spot. Slumped shoulders, often looking down, not looking into people’s eyes…it’s apparent in there every move and sometimes we feel very sorry for them – or perhaps worse you identify with them.

Are you in the same situation?

Have you been searching for business opportunities because you haven’t fulfilled your dreams of life? Because you know that there’s something better lying ahead for you…you can see the light at the end of the tunnel that so many people can’t?

Well if so then it’s time for you to raise your head, un-slouch your shoulders, and start feeling proud of yourself again. If for no other reason then for the fact that you haven’t given up! Because obviously you’re reading this article because you’ve still got enough fuel to at least look and hope, even if languidly at times.

The great thing is that you’ve possibly just stumble onto something incredible with this article and you don’t even realize it yet. More about that in a minute…

First let’s talk about you?

Let’s talk about why you haven’t found your golden business opportunity yet? Why it’s been so elusive to you so far. The truth is that if you’re online (which you apparently are since you’re reading this) then business opportunities are all over the place. Business opportunities are available to you from all over the globe. So why haven’t you dedicated yourself to one yet?

There are many reasons why you may not have – maybe you’ve even tried and have failed – but it’s time to put that all behind you, forgive yourself and listen up!

Right now there is, right in your country a revolutionary business opportunity that’s taking the whole world at record speed. What does this mean to you? Well it means that you’ve got the opportunity to be in the front of something spectacular because actually this is just in its infantile stages, and will keep growing for sometimes.

What’s even more spectacular is that out of all the Portugal business opportunities, this one gives you a huge edge because of one very important aspect. Two of the most successful individuals, Ann and David Feinstein, are willing to take you by the hand and show you exactly how they’ve succeeded with this business opportunity, and let you in on all their secrets to succeed as well.

The only thing is that you have to be prepared to work hard and learn and use their system step by step or else they don’t want to work with you at all.

Why should you listen to Ann and David? That’s very simple to answer. For the past 20 + years they’ve been creating success story after success story…not just their own but also the other’s that they’ve trained…and they’re the top in their field at what they do. They’re hugely successful, financially independent, and are looking to work with people who want to be that way too.

If this sounds like you…if you feel this is your lucky day…then you need to click ASAP over to Building Dynamic and let Ann and David know you’re interested while there are still spots left. There are only so many people at a time that they’re willing to give their precious time and secrets too. If you’re serious about your future, and tired of looking for business opportunities that don’t offer much hope for the future, then go now and learn more about Ann and David Feinstein.

Top 10 Reasons to Join a Make Money from Home Network Marketing Company

It’s a sad fact that every single day, tons of people go to their jobs hating the fact that they are forced to be somewhere and do something all day that they don’t like. Even those that do actually like their jobs are frustrated because of all of the hard work that they’re doing, with little reward.

If either one of these sounds like you it’s because you are human and you have a dream to have a better more fulfilling life , which basically means a dream to have freedom both financially and emotionally.

So what’s the easiest way to go about this? The simple fact is that your very best bet is to make money from home, which in my opinion means joining a Work from Home Network Marketing Company. There are many reasons for this, and so I’ve outlined the top 10 reasons for you here.

1) Huge Income Potential: Your limit is self contained, meaning that your income can become as large as you like it to be, depending on the work that you’re willing to put in. It’s a different ballgame from the 9 to 5 job where no matter how much work you do, no matter how much blood, sweat, and tears that you shed; your income level stays the same. There is no ceiling on your income potential, only the ceiling that you create for yourself.

2) Residual Income : This is the best type of income because it’s the type that keeps coming no matter if you’re working or not. This doesn’t mean that it’s automatic however! There is work involved, but the beauty is the leverage, where your efforts combined with the efforts of your downline make your income exponentially growing.

3) You Get to Work from the comfort of your own home: There’s really nothing better than working from the comfort of your own home. Just imagine a day where the alarm clock is going off and you look outside and it’s raining. Now imagine taking a nice deep breath and realizing that you don’t have to go out in that at all. It’s exhilarating and the thrill is a constant reminder of gratitude.

4) Amazing Products (potentially for free): Most Work from Home network marketing companies. (though not all…do your homework) have superior products. Often these products become free when your income becomes balanced with the cost of the products. With nutritional supplements this means having the opportunity to become much healthier with cutting edge products for a tiny fraction of the normal cost at the most. It’s one of the great benefits!

5) Relationships, Partnerships, and Friendships Formed: Network Marketing is a people business, and you truly cannot help but create strong bonds and partnerships within the industry. You’ll find that potential clients and business partners soon become friends and basically an extended family!

6) Training: If you’re fortunate – and you should really do the due diligence and make yourself fortunate (meaning that you’ll research both the company and your recruiting upline) – you’ll get some of the best training in the world. This training will include sales training, communication skills, as well as very important persuasion skills which will help you in all areas of your life.

7) Self Improvement: You’ll have to step outside of yourself over and over, push yourself to new limits, and actually reap the rewards for it!

8) Travel: Many top level network marketers enjoy traveling very often both for business and for pleasure. You may actually have business partners both upline and downline that live abroad in different states or countries. Just as well, very often part of doing well with a good network marketing company is rewards by the company itself.

9) Independence: We all want to be independent both financially and emotionally, and ideally these two things go hand in hand. Learning the skills that you’ll learn with Network Marketing will take you to new heights, and you’ll own a skill-set that could potentially put you in a position where you can virtually make money on demand for the rest of your life. Just imagine the effect that this will have on you emotionally. Basically it’s like taking a ten ton...well burden off of your shoulders.

10) Tax Benefits : There are tremendous tax benefits to be enjoyed from having your own business and working out of your home. As long as you abide by all laws, you can write off many of your travel expenses, deductions for your home office, etc. It’s important however to consult with a professional and learn exactly what rights that you have as the laws change very rapidly.

To get the real innovative marketing knowledge and training, so you can be at the cutting edge of using technology to help you “supercharge” and to build your network marketing business correctly, Visit us at Building Dynamic Futures today and see how we can catapult you to the top 10% of earners on the 'net today!


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